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The site has changed…

Okay, we know how much you liked the old site – unreadable text and all – but we needed a change and this is what we’ve come up with. So it’s early days (another site update is due during the summer), but you can get a pretty good idea of what we’re trying to do here.

Let’s start with the News and Blog sections – basically the News section is for announcements and press releases, with the Blog giving a sneaky peek into the inner workings of the company. As official announcements are less frequent, the Blog will be updated regularly with scheduled and unscheduled content, which will vary massively – everything from insider videos and guest rants to recruitment tips and community-led interviews.

The Video page is the best location to check out videos from all our titles, past and present. If our player doesn’t fulfil all your video needs, we’ve also signed up on that major video site, umm, YouTube or something – that’ll work on your ‘mobile’ or ‘cell’ as well if you happen to have the future in your pocket.

The Careers and Company sections will acquire makeovers in the update, with recruitment advice and staff profiles receiving a special focus.

Ah, the Community page – direct all your anger about the pink towards the Rare Editor. Not a lot going on at the moment, but feel free to rant to your heart’s desire which we promise to read, or at least glance at when we’re bored. Forums, Scribes, Tepid Seat, and perhaps Mr. Pants will return in due course, along with some new features that could potential increase your enjoyment of the site by 17%.

And finally, the Games section. Obviously Sports has its very own all-singing-and-dancing site which will be continually updated until launch. Selected older titles will also be receiving their own pages, with classic titles being included in an interactive timeline that doesn’t require a phone booth to travel to the past.

Meanwhile the RareLtd Twitter feed will roll ever onwards, and you can even Register your email address with us for key updates direct to your inbox.

Conclusion: we hope you like the new site, but there are still plenty of updates to come. Feedback gratefully received.