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Mini-Scribes: August 12, 2010

More questions, more answers, more evasions. Welcome to the rainy film noir world of Scribes. Special unedited wacky typing edition!

Q: 1.first of all i would like to mention that goldeneye 007 is my favorite game, even to this date. And i will slap any fps gamer if they do not know what it is.\
   2. I was wondering if you guys at Rare have any mint or boxed copies of the n64 game goldeneye 007, because i would love to some day buy it from you guys. NO dont say go to ebay their goldeneye 007 boxes and games are usually very warn out.
   Daniel L.

A: Wax on, wax off.
   1) In the interests of fairness, make sure it’s genuine ignorance and not just trouble working out what you’re saying.
   2) I’m afraid we don’t have any and I doubt we’d legally be able to sell you a copy anyway. We’re not a retailer, which is just as well because I’d ruin our finances with Star Fox Adventures shopkeeper T-shirts and deluxe Jeff & Barry fountain pens. Why don’t you try going to… oh.

Q: dear rare
   you almost caused me to panic when you announced sports champions. i was worried you would become a shovelware developer. but once i saw scribes i think all hope was not lost.
   also a few questions
   1 is scribes going to have the funny ways you guys anwser the letters again?
   2 is sports champions going to have your famous humour?
   3 is banjo going to get another game?
   4 can you release blast corps on xbox live?
   5 you may have heard that another companys releasing your goldeneye game on the wii. how do you feel about this?
   and thats all my questions.
   roy chris

A: Shovelware developer! Won’t somebody think of the casuals? Wait, no, last time I cracked that gag the fansites went on a rampage.
   1) Even now, everyone in the room is wearing a clown wig – and an expression of simmering violence.
   2) Not sure, you might want to ask Sony about that one.
   3) Grunty seems to think so, although we’re not officially on board with her yet. Never say never. Gesture-based egg shooting could revolutionise the industry.
   4) Technically we could, if MGS wanted it, but I doubt it’s top of their priority heap. They should play it. It stands up well. EVERYTHING EXPLODES. Timeless.
   5) Far be it from me to state Rare’s official position on that, on the blog, in a half-arsed letters column.


A: Quite the contrary, my good fellow. The ‘u’ is there to begin with, when the words are generated by pristine machinery in handsome facilities spread across the English heartland, shaped like top hats and smelling of scones. Due to some flaw in the shipping process the ‘u’ becomes dislodged in transit across the Atlantic.

Blast from the Past: November 7, 2002

Q: KI3 will make billions here are a few ideas i have more if you email me back
   if you guys do i have a bunch of great ideas like for glacies can have a finisher were he turns in to a puddle comes up around him swallows him turns back into a puddle and and all the bones and pieces of clothing flyes out as glacies returns to his normal form and his blood and guts drip off his body and cider should come back but make his flame combo harder like back forward or somthing
   are you even the person that handals Killer instinct if not can you give me the email address of the person that does i have a lot more ideas better than that one
   is there even a chance of another KI or am i waisting my time
   krusty clown

A: Oh, I think we’ve got enough ideas there for another five or six KI games. Both myself and the series’ designer particularly look forward to seeing Cider in action.
   That aside, it’s the usual story: we may well bring it back at some point, but right now I’m not aware of any solid plans. Don’t worry – the franchise won’t go to waist. We’ll handal it.

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