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Gamescom Road Trip 2010: Part 2

Gamescom Road Trip 2010

The Gamescom Road Trip 2010 is brought to you by Ben “I like meat” Talbot and Nick “I don’t mean to be contentious” Burton…

Day 2 – Thursday 19th August

Some things just get lost in translation, such as the US guys at Gamescom calling football “soccer” – the German guys calling it “fußball” – and the English guys giggling at the idea of ordering a “big wiener” for lunch.

One thing that we all agreed on though, is that Kinect Sports went down a storm at the world’s biggest electronic entertainment show. We had hundreds of members of the press through on the first two days, from GamePro, to Destructoid, to Official Xbox Magazine. There was a bit of a stir about the talk of redesigned avatars – you can see what they’re going to look like in all of the existing Sports screenshots.

Day 3 – Friday 20th August

Nick and I arrived at the Koelnmesse convention centre bright and early, just in time to see it opening to the public. It was almost like one of the battle scenes from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, with thousands of enthusiastic gamers literally sprinting towards the entertainment halls and their favourite games. It didn’t take long at all for the line for the Kinect Booth to grow to over two hours in length. Gamers seemed particularly keen to try out Sports’ Football, being shown in public for the very first time.

The evening’s festivities started with a very impressive event for the Xbox Community Network, the most dedicated community sites and ambassadors from across Europe. This presentation was being streamed live over, and you can catch the entire video here if you missed it. Nick got plenty of camera time, chatting with Inside Xbox’s MrPointyHead and community manager AceyBongos.

On the main stage, Kudo Tsunoda, general manager at Microsoft Game Studios, raced against several convention-goers on our 100m Sprint event. He gave out Kinect bundles to all participants, and even bet that our very own Shintaro would take a beating against a plucky German fan.

We had a fantastic time at Gamescom – the show was superbly organised and Kinect got a terrific response. Look out for our video highlights reel later this week.   – Ben

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