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September Twitter Song

Rare Twitter Round-Up

You know what we’re going to say: another busy month. It was! PAX at the start of the month, TGS a fortnight later – then another fortnight before the happening-as-we-speak Eurogamer Expo.

Famous faces spotted playing Kinect Sports in recent weeks included the stars of Syfy, speedy gentleman Usain Bolt and Turtle from Entourage, apparently. Our own Mr. Burton’s September appearances were restricted to a Develop interview, a Nottingham GameCity talk announcement and (in spirit) your own living room, should you enter and win the Kinect Comes to You contest.

Numerous Rare print features throughout the month included a 25-year retrospective in Edge, the Making Of Wizards & Warriors in Retro Gamer and an Achievements story with a couple of Rare faces in OXM; online mentions saw PD making it into IGN’s Top 25 XBLA Games, a couple of traditional GamesRadar appearances concerning water and forgotten franchises (hey), VP in Game Informer’s list of notable collectathons and plenty of lovin’ for Rare NES classic R.C. Pro-Am. Meanwhile, it sounded like Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds decided to review Star Fox Adventures, and Perfect Dark was up for Member’s Choice Deal of the Week on the Xbox 360 dashboard (half-price for the week of October 18th if it wins, have some of that).

Other unrelated shenanigans included an angry robin (not Robin) on site, a morning of Twycross smelling like a fishtank for unexplained reasons, people demanding we put Body Harvest (not ours) on XBLA and Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo’s) on Virtual Console, Ben calling Rare’s artists “really hot” and further questionable accusations of electrical equipment being broken by cack-handed Rare staff spilling Coke Zero on it.

And pictures, everyone loves pictures: if an entire Tokyo photo tour wasn’t enough, we reported some wild Piñata sightings at Drayton Manor theme park and gave a small indication of the planet-unbalancing amount of cake eaten in this office during September (in fairness one of those weeks was National Cupcake Week, according to Twitter’s list of trending topics – we’re not arguing).