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Kinect Sports Achievements List

With launch day practically on top of us, here’s a quick taste of the rewards available to those who set out to explore the strategic depths of Kinect Sports. Well, not so much a taste as a luscious and extravagant Gamerscore banquet. The complete list of Kinect Sports achievements: go!


In Training: Reach level 10 and earn the Amateur badge (10G)
Turned Pro: Reach level 20 and earn the Professional badge (20G)
People’s Champion: Reach level 30 and earn the Champion badge (30G)
Master Class: Reach level 40 and earn the Master badge (40G)
Sports Star: Reach level 50 and earn the Legendary badge (50G)


Pin Win: Win a game in Bowling (30G)
Neon Lanes Champion: Win a game in Bowling (Champion difficulty) (10G)
Doing the Splits: Clear a split in Bowling (15G)
Wood Chipper: Break the lane with a high ball in Bowling (15G)
Turkey Triumph: Get a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) in Bowling (15G)
Ball Blitz: Score 350 or more in the Pin Rush Bowling mini-game (25G)
Clear Up!: Score 10 or more in the One Bowl Roll Bowling mini-game (25G)
King Pin: Score more than 250 in Bowling (15G)


And the Winner Is…: Win a match in Boxing (30G)
Tornado Gardens Champion: Win a match in Boxing (Champion difficulty) (10G)
TKO: Win a match with a technical knockout (3 knock downs in 1 round) in Boxing (15G)
Kiss the Canvas: Knock down your opponent with an uppercut in Boxing (15G)
Comeback Kid: Win a match after being knocked down 4 times in Boxing (15G)
Stunning Recovery: Survive an entire stun sequence without being hit in Boxing (Professional or Champion difficulty) (15G)

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Rare Twitter Round-Up

So, the launch is here. Time has almost… caught us, my friend. And throughout the month before release there was plenty of Kinect Sports Twittering going on.

Ben and our recruitment crew were on hand at the Eurogamer Expo, while our Kinect Sports community day saw us tweeting live pics and updates then compiling guest coverage into an exhaustive linkfest later. Wired magazine put Kudo on the cover and a big Kinect feature inside, the equally prestigious Midlands Today covered Sports in video and blog form, while celebrity coverage continued with the Seattle Sounders football team giving Sports a shot (haha, do you see) and professional athlete Jamie Baulch coming to our neck of the woods for a go. We also heard from Voiceover Man Peter Dickson in response to an excited query about his voice in Party Play mode, and we got followed by David Hasselhoff as well. Don’t want to brag about it too much, he’s probably unfollowed us again by now.

In non-Kinect news, upon hearing that the Kameo Power Pack had vanished from XBLM, we got our boys on the case and got it reinstated at a bargain price. Have some of that. Edge’s 25-year Rare retrospective jumped from the mag to the web, while GamesTM’s latest issue ran an exhaustive feature on Rare’s NES catalogue (and a mildly horrible anecdote up front). Nick had a chat with 360 Magazine about retro stuff, marking the second time in a month that Twycross had been renamed Twyford in the minds of games journalists. VP was represented by Willy Builder’s implication in a rundown of allegedly bad names from NowGamer, and Conker was Rare’s envoy in EW’s list of 20 Games Begging to Be Made Into Movies.

Meanwhile, October photography covered subjects as diverse as the fate of one of the annoying flies that plagued us early in the month, inexplicable Kameo graffiti discovered while out walking the dog, and the pile of merch we had on standby to give away at our Sports community event. As a bonus, here’s another shot of what remained of the top-quality Sports cake (accompanied by leftover Mars bar cakes) before the cleaners removed it a few days later. Mmm… crusty.