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Remember, Remember the Tweets of November

Rare Twitter Round-Up

Yes, it was all about Kinect and Kinect Sports launches throughout November. US launch, Euro launch, Oz/NZ and Japanese launches, Facebook app launch, the works. We’ve been keeping tabs on social media feedback, and we’ve seen Sports variously described on Twitter as “mint”, “pure win”, “startlingly good”, “dopeee” and “awesomesauce”. And a few rude things when people have strained themselves in unexpected ways while playing it.

During the launch period we ventured onto Xbox Live to engage the community/properly tutor some young roustabouts. Fortunately we were not required to undergo a healthy diet check in advance, as we may have failed. Eyes on the Prize 12″ singles (ask your dad) were given away to mark its release, even as musician Robin jumped in to answer the question of “what chant is the crowd doing”? Meanwhile, video content in support of the game was pushed out like nobody’s business – UK launch, Avatar clothes, online play, Voiceover Man – and we’ve also been striving to capture footage of achievements being achieved for use in upcoming clips.

A quickie Kinect TV appearance courtesy of Jeffster in Chuck was followed by a more in-depth reappearance for Kudo and Sports on Jimmy Fallon, then a surprise role in Spanish Big Brother which we decided was a winner even when it wasn’t about Kinect. It also seems there may be a spot on The Gadget Show in Sports‘ future…

Back in the realm of controller-based games, November saw multiple birthday wishes roll in for Rare oldies including DKR, Tooie & DKC2, PDZ & Kameo, while Retro Gamer strenuously uploaded their Complete History of Rare. In our role as arbitrators over the tough questions of the universe we also tried to settle an argument about which was nastier: onion or coconut (with the only sane outcome). Then we mentioned that the Rare Xmas tree had gone up and quickly had to bow to demands for photographic evidence. That’s right, it is quite literally all going on at Rare’s Twitter feed. And don’t forget Facebook either, you barbarians!