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Mini-Scribes: December 8, 2010

Come to me, cover me, hold me
Together we’ll break this Mini-Scribes…

Q: 2 Questions,
   1 How soon is soon? On the website when you hit games…
   2 Can you let anything loose about some new platformers, perhaps some shooters or even a race game?
   Will Litmaath

A: Is this a Litmaath test? Hahaha. #chemistryjoke Oh hang on, this isn’t Twitter.
   1) Soonish. We’re slowly filling in the sections when we get time between all the other boisterous shenanigans that go on around here.
   2) Does it have to be factual, provable and related to Rare? If not, we can sort you out with something, no trouble.

Q: Hello Rare, i have 2 questions for you..
   i’m a big fan of perfect dark and kameo elements of power, so my question is, will be they come a sequel? i wait 5 years for a new game :( only viva pinata become a sequel, this is very sad..
   i have see kinect sports, this is great. but i hope you make sequels of the classic games … i cant believe that is only the game, they developed are for 2 years :(
   Kameo Elements of Power was great, and only the best Jump and Run Game on Next Gen Consoles, perfect dark the best Shooter Game on the xbox 360.. so we want more classic games please :(
   i hope you answered …
   Harun Aydin

A: We did answered – we are answer right now. Kinect Sports needed almost the entire Rare workforce to get behind it because it’s new technology and there are so many variables, plus we built this thing from the ground up to take advantage of Kinect rather than just bolting wavy-hand functionality onto something that already existed. If there are to be sequels to the likes of Kameo or PD, they’ll come further down the line as we’re currently all about the specialised Kinect projects. I hope I don’t have to look back on this in a few years’ time when we’ve rushed out Kinect Kameo with awkward gesture transformations. Spin around on the spot to turn into 40 Below! No.

Q: I barely noticed that most of the cheats for Bad Fur Day are dirty words, hilarious. Huh when I was 8 I was tellin my friend the cheats. I feel dirty now. :) Thanks to you guys I know call some of my friends Wellytops or Chocolate Star Fish. Peace and Good Day.
   Nathan M

A: BFD designer Mr. Seavor is suitably gratified: “I knew Conker would have some cultural impact, however small.”

Blast from the Past: November 30, 2001

Q: Why is it that Taj the Genie refers to every character as ‘Freddy’? He distinctly says “FREDDY! Hello there – this is for you.” Does he have an identity crisis? Perhaps a disturbing experience as a child involving Freddy Kreuger movies?
   Thanking you for your kind assistance,
   Aussie Ben

A: What is this, Random Taj Accusation Week?
   Nevertheless, I’ve spent precious time and effort negotiating a deal with my ex-DKR team contacts for a final answer on this controversial issue, and here it is:
   “What is this fool talking about?”

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