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Top 5 Lines Lost From Nuts & Bolts

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The process of wrangling the in-game dialogue for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts involved more revisions and rewrites than you could shake a Minjo at. As an insight into some of the factors faced, here are a handful of the lines that were confronted with the axe – or at least a serious rethink.

According to… Leigh Loveday

1. “Gasp, pant… I was beginning to think nobody would ever find me. I’ve been stranded for days without water. My natural cerise skin tone is fading to an ugly shade of salmon!” – Pink Jinjo, Nutty Acres
Changed because… the locations of challenges were changing right up to the last minute, so text had to be updated on the fly. This Jinjo (who originally wanted to go to the water tower) would end up being found somewhere else entirely, so his/her lines were rewritten to account for the new location and target destination. I think he/she ended up loitering in a swamp instead. Sucks to be him/her.

2. “If you’re going to whack me with that Wrench, I’ll return the favor with a bench!” – Grunty, Showdown Town
Changed because… someone realised that Grunty would speak these lines whether you hit her with the Wrench or a vehicle, which meant changing her reaction to avoid specifying whether you’re trying to bash her skull in or run her over.

3. “I’ll never get to visit Mad Monster Mansion! I’ll have to settle for playing Ghoulies instead, and that’s hardly a substitute.” – Yellow Jinjo, Banjoland
Changed because… it became another casualty of the eleventh hour challenge location shift. Eventually this fella didn’t need a lift to the Mad Monster Mansion exhibit at all, so we missed out on a prime opportunity to make fun of Grabbed by the Ghoulies again.

4. “The brightness control units are set way too high. I’m getting a migraine! They’re like chip shop lights!” – Bottles, LOGBox 720
Changed because… the Localisation sweep caught a number of references that would probably be lost on anyone outside the UK. A chip shop (aka chippy) is where we purchase that great British delicacy, fish and chips. These fine institutions often feature harsh fluorescent lighting intended to disorientate drunk people.

5. “Hello there. Come to play a game? That’s fine, as long as you don’t expect any remarks about tossing.” – Yellow Jinjo, Banjoland
Changed because… the Jinjo Hurl challenge was originally known as Jinjo Toss. As this can be construed as a little bit rude in the UK, we unsuccessfully tried to work in as many childish jokes as possible. This version of the line is actually from a later stage after we’d been through and cut out all the direct tossing references, but it was still, sadly, too much.

Job done. Suggestions for future Top 5 lists welcome! Send them our way.