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Kinect Sports Achievement Video Guides

Hard to imagine that five years ago when we completed arbitrary tasks in a game we received nada. All that changed when the Xbox 360 was released. Increasing your gamerscore through achievements has become a way of life for some, and a pleasant distraction for the majority.

With 1250G up for grabs in Sports (including the free downloadable content), our comprehensive guide should help you attain all the not-so-easy achievements without the hours of physical suffering should you be less naturally movement-inclined.

Choose Pin Rush from the Mini Games menu and prepare your arms for the trauma that’s about to come. A variation on the windmill technique is favoured here – swing both arms simultaneously and keep racking up those bonus seconds.

Precision is needed for this one. Avoid using spin, and focus on lining up your shots with the blue lights on the lane. With a bit of patience you’ll have it in no time. Just watch out for the tricky splits as you near the target score.

Choose the Professional opponent and throw a few blocked punches to charge up their power bar. When the three segments are lit, drop your guard and let them stun you. Block high and block low for about five seconds to earn this achievement.

During any full game of Football, shoot towards the top left corner to knock the seagull off his perch. He’s not there all the time, so you’ll need to keep an eye out and choose your moment carefully.

You’ll need to have lightning-fast reflexes for this one. Always keep your arms fully stretched out to both sides and be ready to sidestep to reach the awkward ones.

You’ll need to use both legs to shoot and keep kicking as quickly as possible to earn your 25G. If the keeper gets in the way, fire off a shot away from the target to move the keeper and give you an open goal for the next kick.

Much like Golden Gloves, you need to be ready to move quickly to return shots that are at the edge of the play space. Also try to direct your returns to your opponent, preferably with a normal return rather than a spin or power shot.

Employing a similar technique to Pin Rush, you need to windmill your arms when the difficulty starts ramping up. Remember that a time bonus can be achieved after five successful returns, so don’t give in until the final score flashes up at the end.

You’ll need to have patience with this one. More based on luck than skill, you need to throw the javelin over 100m to stand a good chance of success (watch the video to see the ideal technique). Aim to throw 105m to hit the equipment that’s just right of centre at the end of the scoring sector (foul throws don’t count). This one might take a while…

Hands! Feet! Move quickly and keep returning those objects. Arms out, keep moving your feet and you’ll soon have this achievement.

The hardest achievement in the game bar none. Tuck your arms in and try to stay at the centre of the play space whenever possible. Remember the order in which the objects arrive, and try to duck and dive your way to success. Study the video; you’re going to need help with this one…

And a few honourable mentions…

Select a game of Bowling and pick up the ball as you would do normally. However, instead of bowling the ball properly, attempt to throw overarm to cause massive damage to the lane.

Strike! You’ll need to hear that a lot to gain this one. Bowling straight ahead with power is a good method (remember to step forward as you follow through), but you can be just as successful with a bit of spin. Either way, practice makes perfect.

Let the Amateur computer opponent knock you down twice in rounds 1 and 2, before you make an amazing comeback in round 3. Or you can earn this one with a friend, the cheap way.