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Kinect Sports Game Guide – Track & Field

So you bought Kinect Sports (thanks by the way) and now you need to know exactly how people are able to perform massively better than you online… well, we’re here to help.

In a series of blog posts/video guides, we’ll be telling you exactly how to beat the crafty computer on champion difficulty, which should also give you a leg up on the highly competitive online community. First up: Track & Field.

Extra insight into each separate event after the jump. Ha ha, after the jump… never mind.

This one’s pretty simple, right? Well yes, it is, if you know what you’re doing.

First off, remember those heartbeats you hear before just before the starting gun fires? If you start running milliseconds after the third beat, you should get off the line first. Couple this with a boost start (obtained by being bent over then snapping up straight as you start running) and you should be off to a flyer.

To keep up your momentum, make sure you have your arms pumping and your knees lifting high to generate maximum speed. End with a boost finish (dip for the line in a similar style to the boost start) and you should be racking up a time of around 7 seconds. That’s fast; Quick Carrot fast.

This one’s tricky to explain, so watching the video is definitely recommended in order to reach the dizzying distances of 100m+.

Throwing the javelin is all about technique. Running faster helps too (remember to lift those knees), but perfecting the throwing motion should give you over 100m every time.

After picking up the javelin, start running with your throwing arm down at your side. When you reach the green zone, keep your arm fully extended and swing it up over your shoulder in similar action to bowling a cricket ball, stepping towards the camera as you do so. Sounds complicated, but the video shows you exactly how to do it.

If you don’t get a green trail (signifying the perfect angle) when the javelin is in the air, try lowering the angle at which your arm passes your head to accomplish a swing slightly lower to the ground.

There’s no boost start in this event, so just remember to run hard and keep raising your knees high. When you reach the green zone, jump and windmill your arms to gain a boost.

If you’re already good at the running side of things, gaining distances of 15m+ shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you remember to swing your arms.

Discus can be a little tricky to get right every time, but here’s how best to reach 80m+.

After picking up the discus, keep your arm extended and bring it backwards to give you the maximum swing length. Squat down slightly when in this position before throwing your arm forward and stepping/jumping towards the camera. The more energetically you perform the action, the further the discus should travel.

Again, if your throw doesn’t generate a green trail in mid-air, adjust your technique to make sure you’re achieving as big a distance as possible.

With the world record at over 100m, you’ll need a lot of practice…

OK, you’ll be tired by this point, but you’re only 15 seconds away from victory! Probably.

Just like in the Sprint event, you can receive a boost start by taking off just after the third heartbeat. After that, employ the usual running technique.

In order to achieve the best times, you need to jump over the hurdles at the last possible millisecond. As shown in the video, you don’t need to jump very high but it will take some practice to perfect the technique.

After successfully clearing all the hurdles, remember to boost finish in the final 10m by dipping towards the line to knock off a few more vital seconds.