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Kinect Sports Game Guide – Beach Volleyball

We already know you’re ruling the roost at Track & Field, but how about Beach Volleyball? A highly competitive sport (especially online) that takes a while to perfect. We often hear “If only there was some sort of Game Guide available that shows you all the tricks of the trade…” so we thought it only right to oblige.

Below you’ll be able to see one of our testers running you through the finer points of Beach Volleyball, while we’ve included some extra written tips for those of you who like text with your videos.

This is the first step to victory. After you’ve thrown the ball into the air, jump and spike the ball to serve much faster than a regular bump serve. Add direction by following through to either the left or the right and you’ll have the upper hand in the points straight away.

Alternate between the two different serves to keep your opponent guessing. They’ll never know what hit them.

It’s easy to hit a spike shot when you get a chance – simply jump when you see the prompt and swing overarm to fire a shot over the net. However, you can achieve a faster, more accurate, spike by timing your jump and swing perfectly with the prompts. Swinging your arm as soon the icon glows will usually result in a spike that makes your opponent dive, giving you the advantage.

On the harder difficulties (and online), always remember that your opponents have an opportunity to block your spikes, so stay on your toes just in case.

Being able to block spikes is essential if you want to beat the toughest challengers. When in control of the player closest to the net, try to jump with your arms raised above your head to block any spikes sent over by the other team.

However, there is a risk that the ball won’t go back over the net if your block was not timed correctly, so remember to anticipate spikes and get in position nice and early.

When you have an opportunity to spike, there is a second shot available that can quickly turn a match in your favour. Rather than swinging your arm as fast as possible, just jump and lightly bump the ball over the net. This shot works particularly well when both of your opponents are at the back of the court as the short spike can result in them having to dive forward to return the ball, giving you the perfect chance to win the point.

Practise this shot and use it when you can, but you’ll also need to be ready for opponents using the same technique against you – they’ve probably read the same guide…

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