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Kinect Sports Game Guide – Boxing

Kinect Sports Boxing is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done… or something like that anyway.

In this third instalment in our series of Game Guides, we show you exactly how to prove the critics wrong and become a raging bull inside the boxing ring. While flailing about can help some players win, true fighters know that blocking allows you to deliver the biggest hits and ultimately win the big fights… in Russia or Germany or anywhere else for that matter.

No need to find a sparring partner (though I’m very available), simply remember you can punch high and low, with jabs, hooks, or uppercuts. The top tip is to pull your arm back and hold it there for a second before launching it forward with your full weight behind it. This will add that little bit extra to your punches and result in quicker knockdowns.

Uppercuts can also be deceptive, they shape up like a low punch but actually hit high – very effective against blockers who lack the necessary reaction speed.

Blocking is your best hope when attempting to defeat the game on Champion difficulty. Put both hands in front of your face to block high, and hold your hands in front of your stomach to block low. Study your opponent to predict which punches are about to be thrown, and try to get into position as early as possible.

By blocking three times in quick succession, you’ll charge up your power bar (located just underneath your stamina bar), allowing you to inflict a major strike that can give you the upper hand in any fight.

This is what we’ve been training for. After charging your power bar with three blocks, you get the opportunity to throw a punch that will stun your opponent. While stunned, they can still block your attempts to knock them down, but it won’t charge their power bar – so you can unload your entire arsenal without fear of reprisal.

If you employ the three blocks/stun technique, you’ll come out on top against most opponents. If you’re still losing, we’re pretty sure that screaming “Adrian” after a knockdown will give you an extra boost (this could be a lie).

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