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Kinect Sports Game Guide – Bowling

If you’ve dreamed of toppling bowling giant Ernie McCracken or bowling a perfect game but don’t have enough in your tank to win it all, this guide should come in handy.

In the fifth of our Kinect Sports Game Guides, we walk you through all the different shots including a few not contained in any manual. This is Bowling. There are rules.

Now here are some words to help you on your way to becoming a better bowler.

As all professional bowlers know, adding the correct amount of spin will result in hitting the pins at the exact spot to cause a strike – doing this consistently will put you on the path to greatness.

After picking up the ball, use the green lane markers to line up your shot just off centre. As you bowl, follow through so that your arm ends up across your body. The quicker the follow-through, the greater amount of spin produced. You’ll notice the ball leaving a blue trail if you get the shot right.

In contrast to the regular spin bowl, adding reverse spin will bend the ball trajectory in the opposite direction, giving you another way to attack the pins. Follow the instructions for a regular spin shot, but follow through the opposite way so that your throwing arm circles back to its starting position.

To put a gold trail on the ball, simply step into the shot to give your ball more forward momentum. Adding some extra speed is certainly a good way to improve your chances of earning a strike.

Favoured by the young and old alike, this shot is more for fun than competition but still worth having in your arsenal. Pick up the ball as usual and then bend down while holding it between your legs – use the green lane lights to line up the shot before heaving the ball down the lane with both hands.

As well as earning you an achievement, the overarm shot can prove useful if your main aim is to destroy the lane. Pick up the ball and perform a shot putt-style motion to send it crashing towards the pins.

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