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Kinect Sports Game Guide – Football

Unless you’re Johan Cruyff and believe “Football is a game your play with your brain”, you’ll already know that to win at Football you need to move around and kick when appropriate. In this, the final Game Guide of our series, we’ll provide you with the skills you need to beat the game on Championship difficulty as well as imparting the knowledge needed to win a few games online.

As they say, “this post is a post of two halves”. Video guide first, further written advice after the jump.

As the famous quote goes… “You don’t score until you score”. So making sure every shot counts is crucial in tight matches. You can shoot down the middle, left or right, just kick towards the desired angle. The more effort you put into a shot, the faster the ball will go, so remember to kick like you mean it.

Intercepting a pass or blocking a shot can completely change the game in your favour. Do your best giant enemy crab impression by sidestepping into the path of the ball. Trying to predict the right direction in advance can help, but can also be punished by your opponent.

Corners, and occasionally throw-ins and crosses, give you the opportunity to perform either a header or volley allowing for an almost unsaveable shot if you know what you’re doing. Timing is key – when the two circles align, either get your noggin involved or swing a leg at the target and you should see the ball nestle into your opponents’ onion-bag.

We realise no-one ever really wants to play in goal, other than that one kid, but at least you won’t be told off by your mum for getting dirty in our game. Saving the ball using both hands together results in you catching the ball cleanly and denying your opponent a rebound or corner kick.

In general, be sure to make yourself appear as big as possible at all times, and be ready to move for the more difficult shots.

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