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Calorie Rivals – First Course

How do you give calories a personality? That was the tricky question we posed to the Rare art team, tasking them with the creation of six new mascots for the recently released Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge add-on pack.

Top scribblers Ryan Stevenson and Peter Hentze came up with some great concept designs for the Calorie Rivals, making them into the kind of sporty snacks that look not only fun to beat, but good enough to eat. Here’s a look at some of the original artwork from Ryan’s vault – we’ll rustle up the other three rivals for you soon.

Chunky Chocolate went through at least 11 iterations before reaching his final form. The designs that came after those above were mostly variations on a theme, but had him in a range of different sunglasses. The Chunky Chocolate that made it into the game is a cool customer, but we do miss his tiny head. Bonus insider fact: he was almost called Cheeky Chocolate, and Chocolate Challenger before that.

Ryan really liked the ‘pointy-headed’ look (centre) for Peppy Pizza, but he proved too difficult to animate with the hands coming out of the front. The solution was simple – turn his face upside-down to make a more flexible body shape. As you can see, his twinkly pepperoni eyes have been there from the start.

Steady Celery got a friendlier look as time went on, and went through lots of different clothing styles. The final version ended up being a lot less leafy, though his face was set almost from the start (after Disapproving Celery was ruled out). Bonus insider fact: Steady Celery almost never existed at all, Turbo Tomato was originally pencilled in as the first Calorie Rival…

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