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May Twitbook Miscellany

Well then. June has been eventful so far – Kinect Sports: Season Two, we are absolutely looking at you – but just for a brief moment, let’s cut loose our corporeal bodies and drift backwards through the timestream to revisit some of the things that happened during May. On Twitter and Facebook. Specific Twitter and Facebook pages, i.e. ours. Move on.

Back at the start of May, Kinect Sports picked up a trio of Develop award nominations, and during the month news sidled in of the 3m sales barrier being broken and ongoing dabblings with the UK charts. We supported the Calorie Challenge DLC with a performance-boosting guide and some preconception-challenging concept art, while elsewhere in the internet multiverse, Kinect Sports Superstars Amy Williams and Louis Smith were interviewed by RWD mag.

P. Brosnan’s polygonal head also reared its… head a few times throughout May, with N64 GoldenEye cropping up in three notable places: as an Art of Video Games category winner set to go on display in the Smithsonian, in a Making Of feature posted online by NowGamer and in 1UP’s selection of the 60 Most Influential Games. It was also mentioned in a slightly less illustrious rundown of Rare toilets along with spiritual sequel Perfect Dark, which also topped a separate list of video game cheese. Other lists revolved around games to play before the world ends (Kinect Sports for zombie-outpacing purposes), reinvented games including Conker and Banjo, chase instigators including DKC‘s Croctopus, the most satisfying Rare achievements and our own investigation into Rare eggs.

Tweet #2500 saw an old Twitter face briefly reappear, vanishing again long before E3 deadlines swamped us all. There was a chance to catch a cheeky glimpse of the new Fazeley Studios wall art, while our own underwear-themed photography featured Pants in a box and pants on cans. As always, we addressed some of the important issues of the day head-on, this time including Dastardos, Soul Calibur and Kinect Sportstutorial lady. There may have been some flippancy and/or misdirection.

As is traditional, we now invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook (Rare and Kinect Sports) if you want to keep up with the latest Rare news, including updates on Kinect Sports: Season Two and those unlockable Battletoads in Gears of War 3. No, not really.