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E3 Road Trip 2011: Part 1


Lead Producer Steve Brand is at this year’s E3 in LA, representing Kinect Sports: Season Two and keeping this special event diary for us under only mild duress.

Well, what can I say. Kinect Sports: Season Two, nominated in IGN’s Best of E3 Awards for Best Motion-Controlled Game and Best Family Game! Not too shabby…

George Andreas, Scott Henson and myself have been over in LA now for a few days now. Following on from a late-night press event on Monday, we shuffled our way past the assembled throng, flashed our exhibitor passes at the burly security types and made our way onto the show floor.

The Microsoft booth is pretty much the same as last year, with the fish bowl Kinect booths attached to the main structure but with some added Kinect external real estate this year. George and I were positioned outside and Scott manfully took on the press and media within one of the fish bowls (he did have A/C in there though, which shouldn’t be forgotten).

I took on Golf while George stepped up to show off his guns with American Football. Our location, right on the corner of the Microsoft booth, gave us great exposure and there was a crowd spectating for most of the day.

I had control of my audio setup with Golf, and as such enjoyed pumping up the volume to give people an earful of the ’80s classic Gold by Spandau Ballet when playing the victory stings.

The day seemed to go very well, being capped off by the award nominations above. I’ll be doing what I can tomorrow to make sure the judges vote in the correct manner.

What better way to finish the day than to go out for a meal of George’s favourite food, sushi… he actually hates it. I’m reliably informed the sushi we ate this evening was pretty top-notch. I also ate some raw cow, which was a first…

Mr. Andreas is on the early shift tomorrow, so I’ll be spending some time checking out the competition.    – Steve

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