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July Twitbook Jiggerypokery

A bit of a quiet month, and not just because we haven’t got that much to talk about until Kinect Sports: Season Two exposes more of its innards at upcoming shows like Gamescom, PAX and TGS. No, July saw us well and truly tied up and juggling other Season Two responsibilities while also hiring to fill that web & community gap.

But there was still original Kinect Sports action going on, even if we didn’t manage to stuff any of those Develop awards into a sack and run like the blazes. Another successful world record attempt for starters, overseen by rugged UK football pundit Mark Lawrenson. There was a stint of Calorie Challenge DLC going for half-price too, and an ESPN event with Season Two involvement that we didn’t really understand.

Plenty of list placings here and there for the Rare old school, with the likes of DKC and Blast Corps namechecked in Dorkly’s Top 25 SNES Games Of All Time and 9 Coolest Motorcycles in Videogame History (bonus: also the 10 Greatest Suits in Videogame History) along with Rareware Archives’ Top 5 Most Terrifying Rare Timed Trials.

We kept things busy on the home front with a couple of quickfire competitions, enforced the unsolicited education with facts and semi-facts, passed 16,000 followers and fielded the usual range of… interesting requests and notifications. And even if the weather’s rubbish again now, while the sun deigned to stick its head over the balcony we snapped some pics of the native geese followed by the native employees in BBQ mode (eating, not being cooked).

As always, you can monitor our further shenanigans on Twitter and on Facebook now that it’s a manned operation once more, both at Kinect Sports where we get some decent feedback, and at Rare Ltd where all the ranting happens. Buon giorno!