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November Twitbook Nostalgia

It’s that time again! A little bit past that time if we’re honest, but who’s counting? November was never going to be as maniacal as the Season Two launch month of October, but it still put up some competition in the face of rampant inevitability.

For starters, Season Two was linking up with celebrities and charities all over the place, from Eva Longoria and friends through Soulja & Jonas to Selena Gomez. We successfully launched the love canoe that is Challenge Pack #1 as well, if you didn’t hear about that. Chances are you did if you’re here reading this. Outside the Sports arena, Viva Piñata got some five-year anniversary love with Eurogamer remembering its turbulent launch period, artist Ryan taking the opportunity to flaunt his VP merch stash and our own Trophy Thomas taking time out to have a yak (not a Flapyak) about those rosy days. It was also the third anniversary of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, the 10th anniversary of Xbox and roughly the 21st anniversary of Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll on the NES. Retro Gamer plunged back further still to recall the exploits of dear old Jetman. Bwah!

Rare and its bostin’ catalogue made further online appearances on CVG, in its features on 30 great developers in 30 years and best spy games; on IGN, in its Top 25 N64 Games and Holiday Buyer’s Guide; and of course on Rareware Archives, where they were chiefly concerned with scrutinising remakes and eating our characters at Thanksgiving.

Elsewhere we experienced Banjo-Kazooie Halloween cosplay, a lethal fridge, premature Xmas graffiti, some intimidating followers and the excitement of Xbox upgrades. And the possibility of Bond meeting Blast Corps. And some top translated review quotes involving cream and pokers. All perfectly innocent, we expect.

Last but not least: community page poll results! We asked you to name your favourite mascot from the original Kinect Sports, and loveable cardboard buffoon Rapid Robot almost inevitably stormed it with 26% of the vote. A lot of people were rooting for Quick Carrot as well, bringing him/her in second with 19%, jaws ahead of Sporty Shark on 18%. Marathon Mouse, Athletic Alien, Speedy Snowman and Swift Scarecrow followed in that order. Energetic Eye got one vote. One. New poll up now! Tell us how you play Season Two! Get in there!

And that looks like a wrap. Let’s schedule another one of these productive meetings in January to dissect the events of December. In the meantime, why not give yourself the spontaneous Xmas present of following Rare on Twitter or Rare/Kinect Sports on Facebook? Have a good one!