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Mini-Scribes: July 27, 2012

We need to find courage, overcome
Mini-Scribes is a weapon of mass destruction…

Q: Hey Rare,
     You’ve mentioned a couple of times now that “Bumper the Badger” is in jail, is this any kind of tease for a future game by Rare? What’s the back story? Why is the beloved “Bumper the Badger” in jail?
     I assume you are aching to answer, why else would you ever have brought it up? right… Right!?
     Also, what are your (yes you Mini-Scribes-answering-robot/person-you!) and staff members’ thoughts on the WiiU?
     William Litmaath
     *Unlike last time, be sure to make a surname-joke I can understand.*

A: Game tease? What kind of a game do you think we’re making? No, no tease, it just sounded funny. Part of the legacy of Edge cover star Bumper is his unusual bottom-slapping jig on Diddy Kong Racing‘s player select screen, and it’s probably safer to say “Bumper’s in jail” than “Jago’s in a mental hospital” or “Lupus killed some swans and had to be euthanised” simply because Bumper is so far down the list of old Rare characters in with a chance of a spectacular comeback. Not that we don’t love the furry maniac.
     Wii U? Mini-Scribes is so not the place for official comment, but I’m sure we’re all watching the next console generation unfold with polite professional interest. There, no way I can get pulled up and disciplined on that one. As for the surname joke, can’t remember what it was but I’m guessing it would have been something about a Litmaath test, and no others come to mind so you’re off the hook.

Q: Hello Scribes. While playing through Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts hunting for notes around Showdown Town, I noticed some little piggies standing idle and crying. However when I went up to them they started to get happy… then they started crying again. At first I was like, “this is probably part of a hidden achievement or something and I should find a way to get him to a bigger pig”. When I realized that wasn’t possible I sadly just had to leave him there… all alone :'( So really were those crying pigs something random you guys put in or did it actually have a point that I missed?
     Harrison Mays

A: Got to be one for Rare design titan Gregg while he’s still in response mode from last time:
     “I think this is what is known in the industry as a ‘nice touch’. Games need more of these. In fact, it should be law that all games have them. We put them into games in the hope that someone finds them and is entertained, and in the case of the piggies it has worked! Top marks for also thinking that there was more gameplay involved which we clearly failed to incorporate.”

Q: Dear Gods of Gaming known as Rare,
     Do you plan to make any games for the 3DS? I think a Banjo game would be perfect for the 3DS marketplace with other platformers of its kind, like Super Mario 3D Land, and Kid Icarus. I know me and a lot of long time Rare fans would make it their top priority to get the game. In fact, I’d even buy a 3DS just for the game itself. Thanks for at least looking at this, love you guys long way. Happy 30th, bros.
     Tyler Robinson

A: 30 years! Blimey. Well, it is if you include Ultimate – it’ll be 2015 if we’re going from the birth of Rare, or 2017 from Rare’s first console release (aw yeah, go Slalom).
     No 3DS plans have been announced, and I’ve heard nothing along those lines, though of course that’s not an outright denial as there are bound to be all sorts of things going on at a high management level that most of us know nothing about (and, conversely, things we do hear that are apparently not true at all – those personal hovercrafts are taking far longer than expected). So that’s the best you’ll get for now. Thanks for the reminder to nick my son’s 3DS and have a stab at Kid Icarus though.

Blast from the Past: January 10, 2003

Q: Dear Scribes,
     In the final cutscene of Star Fox Adventures, Krystal reclaims her staff and starts doing a little pointless shooting. When Fox and his crew are all back together on the Great Fox, I noticed Fox mysteriously has reclaimed the staff in his backpack. Did Fox hop back to Dinosaur Planet for a quickie with Krystal, steal her staff, and then leave when she was asleep so they didn’t get a chance “to talk”? Or, did the computer programmer from Conker mysteriously place the staff back in Fox’s pack just to make everyone still know he had some power? Or, even further, did Slippy attempt to murder Krystal, out of his jealous rage because of Fox’s love for her, and instead stole her staff and gave it to Fox as a love gift?
     Matt M.

A: More importantly, are you Daredevil, Man Without Fear?
     Let’s see what elaborate explanation the team have for this one. Brace yourselves for vacuum-sealed logic:
     “None of the above. It was late. We were tired. Just leave it. Okay? Could you honestly not think of a better question than this?”

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