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October Social Occurrences

Caketober! We promised cake photos (regardless of whether or not you wanted them) and so with the assistance of the world’s oldest Rashberry, we rustled up, presented and went to town on three deliveries of novelty cake action throughout the month. Well, three that we told you about, anyway. Next time: Pievember! Or not.

Things unrelated to cake or pie but related to Rare during October included an onslaught of new vacancies that we’re looking to fill (both permanent and contract), a couple of Skin Packs for a popular 4m-selling XBLA game, and the opportunity to grab Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection (of celebrity casino scuffle fame) for 20 squid. 13 sports! 20 squid! Do the math/maths depending on your regional abbreviation of the word ‘mathematics’.

As Halloween approached we unleashed a frenzy of pumpkin-whittling creativity, just a glimpse of which could be seen in this pic (featuring all three eventual winners, as it turned out). Also easing into the Halloween spirit throughout the month were fansites Rare Gamer and RFDB with lists of Grating Ghosts, Halloween DLC, Cemeteries and Ghostly Encounters, while an earlier non-spooky Top 7 featured the toughest Rare challenges for all you hard mans.

Notable mentions on other sites included GoldenEye love in GamesRadar’s history of Bond games, a dedicated outing for Banjo in Game Informer’s B-K Replay and some real old-school memories in a Retro Gamer thread on fave Ultimate games. Not forgetting fan art highlights of gaming’s premier post office loon Fanny Franker and buff Battletoad Pimple.

And the traditional penultimate paragraph round-up of other arbitrary shenanigans: a couple of competitions for Minecraft Skin Packs! 4000 tweets! Pre-Rare arcade gamesBirdwatching! IntranetsDarth Vader! And Mike Singleton. Sad face.

That’s it then, people. If you want to catch up with us before the next monthly social shakedown, you can use Twitter and Facebook to hunt us through the night like those tramps in Hard Target: we’re on Twitter as RareLtd and Facebook as both RareLtd and KinectSportsOfficial. Be sure to bring Lance Henriksen with you. He can sign our faces. Lance is the man.