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Kinect Sports Rivals Takes Tokyo


In the latter half of September, Producer Harry Robinson and Software Director Andy Dennison from the Rare fun club headed over to Japan to showcase Kinect Sports Rivals at the Tokyo Game Show. Now that he’s recovered, Harry gives us a rundown of how it all went. Read on for the skinny and some photos of the booth, TGS antics and Tokyo sightseeing. Jealous? Us? Not at all… (maybe a bit).

After a few long days speaking with people and demoing the game, I’m delighted to say that Kinect Sports Rivals had an incredibly good showing at Tokyo Game Show.

During the two press days, all four booths were in constant use, with members of the media playing, filming and conducting interviews to find out more about the game and the next version of Kinect. The Japanese teams handled all Japanese speakers and I covered all English speakers, including some TV stations in Canada, Australia and Thailand as well as a bunch of websites.


From what I could tell, all feedback was positive, with many people surprised at how much they enjoyed the experience. Wake Racing and Climbing were both on show, and I can’t count the number of times I saw the light click on in people’s heads when they started playing Wake Racing as intended (like a bike) and really got a sense of how the game is meant to feel when played properly.

The stage demos were a big hit too, with the build perfectly producing an immaculate ‘Harry-san’ Champion twice a day that blew people away. It was a perfect accompaniment to the Kinect evolution demo that preceded it, connecting so many of the technology threads into one mighty showcase. As well as being visible from the stage itself, this was also broadcast live to a huge screen above the giant Titanfall mech (accompanied by booth girls) that was a consistently busy spot throughout the day.

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Scoring for SpecialEffect


Those of you who keep up to date with Rare’s goings-on will know that we’ve been doing some fundraising work for SpecialEffect, a great charity set up to help people with physical impairments enjoy video games, adapting equipment to suit their specific needs. This month, SpecialEffect held a football tournament at (well, near) Wembley where games industry teams battled it out for honour and victory. Rare’s team captain James Thomas gives us a full match report!

Rare doesn’t have the best track record in football tournaments. I think through my 11 years wearing the R on my chest, we’ve turned up many times enthused and optimistic but sadly can only claim to have left having given it our best rather than with any trophy.

That was then, though. With a broadly new squad unaware of our previous demons, we set off on September 5th to Wembley to play in SpecialEffect’s charity football tournament, in the shadow of the great stadium itself. Also there were the likes of Konami, Codemasters, Creative Assembly, and a host of other industry names. The day doubled as a cheerful reunion for many of us as we caught up with old workmates who we hadn’t seen for years.

The tournament itself took a Champions’ League format whereby the group stages would lead on to a series of knock-out games before the final. In our group Rare were drawn against Creative Assembly, Splash Damage, and Freestyle Games, some of whom we knew a little about due to moles who are now working in our own Barns. Kicking our campaign off against Splash Damage, the fast feet of Joe and Amrit proved devastating as we eased past the boys in orange 10-1. Similar success followed against a similarly tangerine-styled Freestyle Games and the boys filled their boots again with a 6-2 victory. Compared to the 2-0s and 3-1s we’d heard emanating from the other pitches, we were in buoyant mood.


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Pinteresting Times


Pinterest! It’s a funny thing. When Emma came on board to help us out with web & community duties, we leveraged her social media experience to help determine whether Rare should expand into other areas. After a bit of experimentation, and factoring in the sheer amount of visual stuff we’ve produced across three gaming decades, Pinterest came up as one that seemed like a good fit.

When used halfheartedly we appreciate that Pinterest, like any other social media tool, can be duller than an 850-page academic textbook on dishwater. So in launching Rare’s own Pinterest profile this week, we’ve tried to find a healthy balance: the expected pack shots and screenshots mingle freely with photography, archived artwork, rare merchandise, some of the internet’s finest hand-drawn tributes and other fan-made creations from cosplay and cakes to papercraft and action figures.

If you have links to any other quality additions, creations of your own that deserve a pin or general suggestions for content you’d like to see added to the mix, just fire up your email.

Everyone else – jump in and have a rummage. If you’ve never tried Pinterest, rest assured it’s a cinch to use (no requirement to sign up, so its most basic use involves just looking, and perhaps scrolling). We’ve got boards for everything from Kinect Sports Rivals at Gamescom all the way back to Ultimate Play The Game box art via Jo Dark cosplay and Battletoads magazine covers, and we’ll keep on adding good stuff as we find it. As a quick taster, here’s a grab bag of images we’ve already pinned and repinned to our smorgasbord of… boards. Let us know what you think!

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Gamescom 2013 KSR Reaction Rundown


Now that internet coverage of Gamescom 2013 has drawn to a close, and the Rare reps have packed up their Kinect Sports Rivals builds and lurched exhaustedly back to the airport, allow us to present… the best bits. (Disclaimer: best bits are entirely subjective.)

KSR was at the show with playable versions of two events – Wake Racing and Climbing – along with the opportunity for attendees to be scanned by the Kinect sensor and transformed into in-game Champions. As Microsoft kicked things off a day early for the press, a whole host of journalists, bloggers and enthusiasts stepped up to get to grips with our latest game, IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey among them as he tackled both Wake Racing and Climbing and left us with this very fetching image of himself alongside his dapper Champion printed on a T-shirt.

Gamescom - IGN's Ryan McCaffrey

Ryan was far from the only one: the press of people itching to see themselves as a Kinect Sports Rivals Champion didn’t let up all week, with Xbox rep Major Nelson quick to jump in while Aoife of the OXM UK team and Marte from Norwegian outfit NRK captured the results of their own transformations on video.

Official material released to accompany KSR’s presence included the very first screenshots which you can see on our Kinect Sports Rivals page, an in-depth From Science to Experience trailer giving a great insight into the game and the tech that powers it, and a Rivals Q&A with executive producer Danny on Xbox Wire. This fine shot of a head-to-head Climbing contest also appeared on the official Gamescom Flickr stream as the show rolled on.

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Rare’s Charitable Efforts: Summer 2013

Over the last year, things have been changing here at Rare HQ. Many areas of the studio have been given a nip, tuck and facelift. Those areas in need of a little TLC have been rejuvenated. But our lovely new spaces meant that we were left with a lot of homeless furniture. Rather than stockpiling it for Bonfire Night, the furniture was sold off – raising nearly £800 which will now be donated to charity.

The decision of which charity to help with the money raised was left to the Rare Events Team, and they decided that SpecialEffect was the perfect choice. The ladies and gents of SpecialEffect dedicate themselves to using technology to enhance the quality of life of those living with disabilities, and much of this work revolves around giving them access to games!


With some very clever and impressive controller modifications, the organisation can give children with a wide range of disabilities the chance to play games and share the fun with friends and family. Whilst they’ve made excellent use of Kinect they also incorporate things like eye movement input, a variety of custom speech setups and heavily modified joysticks for children with specific needs such as playing using only their feet.

Mark from Special Effect had this to say:

“From the feedback we’ve been getting from the amazing people we support, it’s clear that we’re not just helping people to play games so they can pass some time. Helping people with disabilities play helps them to maintain and create social relationships, it helps keep their mental faculties active and satisfied, it builds confidence, and it assists with development and learning in younger people. This isn’t just about giving people a blast on Call of Duty or DiRT, it’s about giving them a whole new part of their life.”


So hopefully this donation will have a great effect on many people’s lives!

In further support of SpecialEffect, a five-a-side football team from Rare will be heading to Wembley Stadium’s Powerleague venue next month as one of 16 teams vying for the SpecialEffect Trophy…

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My First Week at Rare: Emma


Hello! For those of you who missed my introductions on Twitter and Facebook, my name’s Emma and I’m taking on Web and Community Support here at Rare. Basically this means I’ll be engaging with you lot via social media, monitoring online buzz and generally helping to manage Rare’s web presence.

Having only finished an MA in Web Journalism a short while ago my first week in the ‘real world’ of work has been both exhausting and exciting. Pros – the free canned drinks. Cons – the feeling by the end of the day that I may lose my teeth to said drinks.

Just a bit of background. I’m 24, I’ve been gaming before I could write and when I find myself with spare time I make cake. My dad has been in IT since before I was born and my first gaming experiences were sitting on his lap helping him play DOOM on the computer (with a joystick) until my mum would walk in and scream in horror at the violence I was delighting in. Subsequent experiences were going to my best friend’s house every day after school to steal time on her brother’s N64 playing GoldenEye on paintball mode and playing vintage games on her SNES. These days I’m more of an RPG girl, the Fable series is one of my favourites. I also love Viva Piñata as a way to chill out and getting friends round to play Kinect Sports. Sadly it would seem my lack of talent at actual sports translates to also having no talent at virtual sports.

Monday 22nd July
I spent the few weeks between finishing my MA and getting a job offer from Rare doing unpaid work experience in windowless offices on rather dilapidated industrial parks. So arriving at Rare this morning was a very welcome change! The grounds are beautiful, I’m a country girl at heart. I was met at reception by the lovely Anna who gave me the site tour. Having only seen the lobby and the inside of a conference room at interview I was keen to poke around a little more. As far as workplaces go, I have a feeling this one’s going to be rather amazing. There are games rooms set up for lunchtime and post-work gaming, a games library to borrow consoles, games and box sets, fridges full of free drinks and plenty of places to chill out. I’m working in one of the barns (yes I work in a barn) with a lovely view of some of the many on-site trees.


Today was spent mostly going through the Twitter and Facebook accounts to see what you guys like to talk about and what Leigh has posted in the past. From what I can tell, you’re quite a vocal bunch.

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Rare Does Red Nose Day 2013


Dean from the Rare Events Team writes…

An event like Comic Relief never goes unnoticed at a place like Rare. With it being that time of year again, it seemed appropriate to give everyone a few minutes away from developing awesome games by doing something special. Oh, and to raise some money for a good cause in the process.

After much deliberation by Rare’s own Events Team, it was decided that putting a smile on everyone’s faces required something that crossed all beliefs, social boundaries, races and ages. There was only one thing that fit the bill… appealing to employees’ stomachs in the form of sugary, E-numbery, cakey goodness.

Of course, the Events Team weren’t about to go all Nigella on their own, so the challenge was set for the entire studio to put on aprons, raid the baking aisles at the supermarket and create their own treats to share with cake-hungry colleagues. A small prize and bragging rights would go to the eventual creator of the tastiest effort, judged by in-house chef extraordinaire David.


So at 10:30am on Red Nose Day, Rare’s central hub was a sight for sweet eyes as cakes in abundance filled the room. Cardamom cupcakes, scones (or scones) with jam and cream, chocolate, red velvet, lemon drizzle, cakes shaped like our own Banjo (fittingly, made by Banjo’s creator) and even unicorn ‘leavings’ were there to entice our talented team. Within minutes the entire studio was bouncing off the walls on a sugar high with little but crumbs and an almighty heap of washing-up remaining.

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Twycross Winter Wonderland

Rare’s 90-acre HQ in the rural English Midlands, custom-built in the late 1990s, is a major asset in terms of recruitment and general working environment. And it always looks especially idyllic with a blanketing of snow, which January has gone out of its way to provide for us this year.

So we rounded up Dale and Bjorn, a couple of dedicated Rare staffers with expensive cameras, shoved wellies on them and pushed them out into the snow with instructions not to come back until they’d taken some nice studio pictures. You can see some of the impressive results above and below, with a couple of less accomplished efforts thrown in from me and, as a bonus, insider peeks at our newly refurbished restaurant and reception area.

Feast your senses! You can almost taste the snow in the air…