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Season Two GAMEfest Road Trip

We’d heard that Kinect Sports: Season Two would be part of the Xbox 360 and Kinect presence at the Birmingham NEC’s inaugural GAMEfest event, so even though no official Rare attendance was required for demo or interview duties, a few of us still headed over to scope it out on the first day. Well, 20 minutes down the M42, it would have been rude not to.

The show turned out to be a good size and well-publicised, the usually labyrinthine route from the NEC car parks lined with posters and flags. It was clear upon sweeping through the entrance that it was also set to be well-attended. Of course we’re not talking E3 or Gamescom here, but with no shortage of pre-release big hitters – from Arkham City and Skyrim at one end to the Big Threes (Gears, Battlefield and Modern Warfare) at the other – the queuing action was nothing to be sniffed at.

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Season Two: Pressed for Success

So we recently held a press day at Rare HQ in Twycross, with a mixture of UK, European and American journalists enticed into our lair to get hands-on and in-depth with all six sports from Kinect Sports: Season Two. We also made a big effort to spruce up the surroundings in the days before they arrived, so we thought you might enjoy a little look behind the scenes.

Some eyelash-flutteringly nice impressions of the game (and the day itself) have since appeared online. Highlights are quoted and linked below, and if we spot any more we’ll big them up on our Twitter feed and Kinect Sports Facebook page. For now, check out some of Dale and Leigh’s snaps from the day…







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Gamescom 2011 Photo Tour

Time for one last farewell to Cologne’s Gamescom show for this year. Microsoft PR sent over a walloping great load of photos from the event, so we thought we’d pass some along and give you a chance to see the sights from the comfort of your creaky old armchair. Sights specific to Kinect and Kinect Sports: Season Two, obviously, not just any old bunch of random sights.

So here we go, a wall of images from the Xbox Play Day, the Community Party and the Gamescom show floor itself. Dig in.







Gamescom Road Trip 2011

George Andreas (Lead Designer) was at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, demonstrating Kinect Sports: Season Two and giving gamers their first taste of Tennis and Darts in action. With our loyal readers in mind, we smuggled a notepad and pen into George’s rucksack and threatened him with terrible punishments if he failed to turn in a diary of his adventures in Deutschland. Enjoy!

We started the week-long event by visiting five-time Grand Slam champion Martina Hingis at her hotel to give her some ‘expert’ tuition on Kinect Sports: Season Two‘s Tennis before the following day’s publicity shoot at the Xbox Play Day. I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew she was obviously a huge tennis star, but wasn’t sure how she would take to Rare’s spin on the real sport she once dominated so impressively.

After a few practice rallies, Martina was soon getting the hang of the game. She then looked at me with a steely determination in her eyes and asked if I was the best at this game… game on! I consider myself to be a highly competitive person given the right circumstances, but it was so ingrained in Martina that she wanted to win and win big. With very little tuition, she soon learned some of the more advanced tricks and techniques and we ended up playing for over half an hour. Needless to say, Martina was well prepared for the next day’s event.

She swept away the competition at the show and was determined to seek out a rematch with me between her publicity commitments. We found time and started a match. She beat me. In full view of a cheering crowd that had gathered to watch. Oh dear. Well done Martina.

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Top 5 Kinect Sports Flickr Photos

If there’s one thing that Kinect Sports is particularly good at, it’s making us look like raving lunatics during enthusiastic bouts of full-body gaming. Unfortunately my flailing limbs have yet to be captured on camera (not a pretty sight), so instead I’ve trawled through the cavernous archives of Flickr to bring you this quintuplet of hilarious mildly amusing photographs of Kinect Sports gamers in action.

According to… Neal Clark

1. Birthday Bruiser
Boxing on Kinect Sports brings out the repressed pugilist in all of us, and never has there been a better example of ruthless determination and steely-eyed focus than demonstrated here by Daniel Piché. Balboa should be quaking in his silky shorts.

TRUE FACT: This photo was taken using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, which is probably a fancy-pants camera, but sounds more like a supercharged death ray from a post-apocalyptic future.

Photo by Terriko

2. Mind Over Matter
We all know there’s something magical about Kinect Sports, but this really takes the metaphorical biscuit. Unbeknown to his (now headless) fellow gamers, the youngest of this trio seems to have developed mind-bending powers of telekinesis that even Anakin Skywalker would be proud of.

The force is strong with this one.

Photo by wynner3

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Windows on the World

So this week, the Rare web & community team/duo/one-man superspy operation (depending on day and workload) vacates the big green office that has been its home since April last year, and goes on a mission to acquire a new home elsewhere in the top secret rural complex that is Rare’s Twycross HQ.

Which seems like as good a time as any to take the camera on a whistle-stop tour of the Rare buildings, looking out from the inside, snapping some arbitrary window views to demonstrate how location has always been one of our best assets.

Pictures of random stuff found in offices and big sweeping corridor shots (sweeping as in grand and expansive, not focusing on cleaners) are also on the agenda, but one thing at a time, eh?


L-R: 1. Front of the Rare car park as seen from the stairs in the main building
2. View of reception area from the rear, taken from inside a development barn
3. Pond, decking and flowery wheelbarrow behind reception as seen from the main corridor


L-R: 4. Football pitch and rill viewed from the leafy Barn D adjoining corridor (not inside a bush)
5. Big view from the full-length window at the end of the top floor corridor; not a real bird
6. Terrace on the restaurant roof as seen through the boardroom windows


L-R: 7. The fields spread out behind Rare, viewed from the back of one of the barns
8. Front end of Barn A and the passageway joining it to the main corridor
9. Hello sir! Looking out over the decking past the latest addition to our reception area Sports decor


E3 Road Trip 2011: Part 2

Most people go to E3 to pick up free branded T-shirts and take pictures of booth babes, but Steve Brand and George Andreas assure us that they were doing nothing of the sort. They were there on Rare’s behalf to demonstrate Kinect Sports: Season Two‘s Golf and American Football games, and to spend a lot of time on camera talking to the likes of G4TV and The Gadget Show.

As the Microsoft press briefing revealed Season Two on the big stage, the team back at Twycross was living it up at an on-site family BBQ and watching the presentation on a giant projector screen. Upon his return, George found time for a quick round-up of this year’s experiences at the Los Angeles Convention Center…

This year’s E3 was typically noisy, exhausting but ultimately hugely rewarding. Kinect Sports: Season Two was finally announced and was brilliantly received by all who played it. Plenty of people were encouraged by the Rare and BigPark teams to have a go at either Golf or American Football, and we even invented challenges to keep them coming back for more.

With American Football, we had many great touchdown moments that people enjoyed. In our Golf demo a few players scored a hole in one, and we also witnessed of the most spectacular Eagles I think possible on the par 4 Eagle Falls hole. The ball was hit from the rough, through the trees, bounced off one and landed right in the cup! Amazing! It’s fair to say that the guy playing was rather pleased with himself…

The excitement generated by moments like this was fantastic and the crowd really got into the moment –which was great to see and experience first-hand, and bodes well for the upcoming release of Kinect Sports: Season Two.   – George

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E3 Road Trip 2011: Part 1


Lead Producer Steve Brand is at this year’s E3 in LA, representing Kinect Sports: Season Two and keeping this special event diary for us under only mild duress.

Well, what can I say. Kinect Sports: Season Two, nominated in IGN’s Best of E3 Awards for Best Motion-Controlled Game and Best Family Game! Not too shabby…

George Andreas, Scott Henson and myself have been over in LA now for a few days now. Following on from a late-night press event on Monday, we shuffled our way past the assembled throng, flashed our exhibitor passes at the burly security types and made our way onto the show floor.

The Microsoft booth is pretty much the same as last year, with the fish bowl Kinect booths attached to the main structure but with some added Kinect external real estate this year. George and I were positioned outside and Scott manfully took on the press and media within one of the fish bowls (he did have A/C in there though, which shouldn’t be forgotten).

I took on Golf while George stepped up to show off his guns with American Football. Our location, right on the corner of the Microsoft booth, gave us great exposure and there was a crowd spectating for most of the day.

I had control of my audio setup with Golf, and as such enjoyed pumping up the volume to give people an earful of the ’80s classic Gold by Spandau Ballet when playing the victory stings.

The day seemed to go very well, being capped off by the award nominations above. I’ll be doing what I can tomorrow to make sure the judges vote in the correct manner.

What better way to finish the day than to go out for a meal of George’s favourite food, sushi… he actually hates it. I’m reliably informed the sushi we ate this evening was pretty top-notch. I also ate some raw cow, which was a first…

Mr. Andreas is on the early shift tomorrow, so I’ll be spending some time checking out the competition.    – Steve

Part 1 | Part 2