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April '12 News Roundup April '12 News Roundup April '12 News Roundup April '12 News Roundup

April '12 News Roundup


April saw the pace inevitably settle down after March's overflow of Season Two updates and events: the launch of Challenge Pack #2, a Sports/Fitness Video Game BAFTA and the Basketball Challenge Pack announcement. Not a pattern we could expect to repeat every month.

Nevertheless, April opened strongly with the official Basketball Challenge Pack release. Mixing in brand new sport mechanics for the first time seemed to attract some attention and, hopefully, some satisfied players. The other main story was the hiring of our new Creative Director, which also drove some strong press coverage.

To find out what's in the pipeline as we rush into May, keep tabs on the site or check back early next month for the collected highlights!

Kinect Sports: Season Two Basketball Challenge Pack – from downtown!
Rare Creative Role for Simon Woodroffe – latest industry vet signs up

Blog Posts
Mini-Scribes: April 25, 2012 – correspondence on Rare's past and present
Basketball Challenge Pack Reaction Rundown – socio-critical wisdom
Challenge Pack #2 Reaction Rundown – more wisdom on previous pack
Kinect Sports: Season Two Achievements List – basket-based goals added
March Social Motivation – things that got tweeted and 'booked

Basketball Challenge Pack Trailer

The World Wide Web
• [Joystiq] Kinect Sports: Season 2 invents a new sport called 'basketball'
• [The Controller Online] Kinect Sports Season Two Basketball Challenge Pack DLC Review
• [Develop] Rare snaps up Sega R&D boss as creative head
• [Game Informer] The Essential Xbox Live Arcade List
• [CVG] Video game soundtracks: The 100 best themes of all time

Rare Creative Role for Simon Woodroffe Kinect Sports: Season Two All Access Pass