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February News Roundup February News Roundup February News Roundup

February News Roundup


February has quickly come and gone and left a decent amount of content in its wake. As usual, we've rounded up everything that could possibly tickle your intellectual taste buds, so to speak, in to one easy-to-read post.

Since Sports' release in November, players have been demanding to know how to reach some of the amazing world records we keep posting each month, so we finally did something about it. Starting with Track & Field and Beach Volleyball, these guides will lead you through each event, giving tips on how to achieve the best performance.

Outside the Sports universe, it's worth checking out some hand-picked Nuts & Bolts creations that still amaze the team, while the unlocking of early access newsletter content lets you in on a few characters that never quite made it into our games.

Come on then March, give us your best...

Blog Posts
• Kinect Sports World Records for February – See how your efforts stack up against the best in the world
• Top 5 Characters Who Never Made It – Early access newsletter content made available to everyone
• Mini-Scribes – Your questions, our answers, you know the score by now
• Banjo's Original Tinkers – Players of Nuts & Bolts created some amazing contraptions
• January Twitbook Madness – Keeping up with our social media channels has never been so easy
• On the B of the Bang – Our Game with Fame reached its exciting conclusion

Kinect Sports Game Guides
• Track & Field – 'Lift those knees' seems to be best advice in this guide
• Beach Volleyball – The much-rumoured 'short spike' detailed for the first time

The World Wide Web
• [MCV] Kinect Sports nominated for a BAFTA – results announced in March, keep your fingers crossed
• [MCV] Kinect Sports nominated for Best New Game Brand – you'll hear about this again in April if we win...

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