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June News Roundup June News Roundup June News Roundup

June News Roundup


Just like 12 months ago, June proved to be another big month for us here at Rare. We announced Kinect Sports: Season Two to the world at E3, finally revealing what's been taking up all our time. There are plenty of opportunities below to catch up on anything you might have missed, but the best place to start is probably one of the official trailers we released.

Once more we've given you an inside look at our antics by posting E3 diaries straight from the show floor, and rounded up some hands-on previews so that you don't have to search for them. Expect the coming months to be filled to the brim with Season Two info as we hurry towards our holiday release.

• Kinect Sports: Season Two Fact Sheet

Blog Posts
• Kinect Sports World Records for June
• E3 Road Trip 2011: Part 1
• E3 Road Trip 2011: Part 2
• Kinect Sports: Season Two E3 Roundup
• May Twitbook Miscellany

Newsletter Content
• Top 5 Rare Characters Who Improved With Age

The World Wide Web
• [Develop] Kinect Sports Award Nominations:
   New IP / Audio Accomplishment / Technical Innovation
• [Kotaku] Speak Clearly and Carry a Golf Stick in Kinect Sports
• [The Telegraph] Kinect Sports Season Two Preview
• [The Gadget Show] E3 2011: Kinect Sports Season 2
• [IGN] Top 100 Modern Video Games (VP: TIP)

Kinect Sports: Season Two Fact Sheet July '11 News Roundup