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June News Roundup June News Roundup June News Roundup

June News Roundup


June was a crazy month for the studio. A new company logo, a new title announced, a new website launched, the updates just kept on coming. Obviously you can catch up on all those official announcements by reading the rest of our news posts, and we do try to flag prominent Sports coverage in our Blog when we find it, but here’s a roundup of the key content you may have missed.

So Shin and Kudo announced Kinect Sports on stage at E3, which heralded the start of coverage popping up here, there and everywhere. Major news outlets started the ball rolling with ABC News, USA Today, and our very own BBC posting positive impressions of both the game and the Kinect technology. Kudo even made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where you can see the hurdles event demoed and a whole 12 seconds of airtime for our new logo – the sort of advertising you can’t buy.

The gaming press delivered as well with Gizmodo stating that “Kinect is wonderful for what it will do for full motion gaming” while GameSpot summed up the experience of playing Sports: “though we came away a little bit winded, we were also impressed with how accurately it picked up our motions”. 

A little bit closer to home, our blog was a hive of activity with the E3 Road Trip entries proving to be the main draw over the month. The adventures of Lee, Nick, Shin and the rest of the guys at E3 proved so popular that we’ve even put together a short film, produced by Designer Dale, which you can check out on the Videos page or on our new YouTube channel. And if you’ve seen it already, we can’t explain why Shin has flowers behind his ears either.

You can expect regular monthly updates for the foreseeable future, but if you like your content slightly more informal and up-to-date, head over to our Blog to keep abreast of all the latest Rare coverage.  


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