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May News Roundup May News Roundup May News Roundup

May News Roundup


As we sail into the start of June, the biggest news for us so far is the incorporation of the sinister-sounding 'Phase 2' of the website: the return of full Games pages for classic pre-Kinect Sports Rare titles from Grabbed by the Ghoulies to Perfect Dark XBLA via Kameo: Elements of Power and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. And Viva Piñata. And Conker: Live & Reloaded. And Jetpac Refuelled. Oh, and an update to the Community page enabling new polls (hopefully regular), and the promise of new Scribes and Tepid Seat action just as soon as we get a spare ruddy minute.

But back to the grand overarching framework of site updates throughout May, dominated by our latest love train Kinect Sports and the Calorie Challenge DLC in particular. Join in the fun with some disapproving celery and an alarmed banana.

Blog Posts
• Calorie Rivals – First Course – concept designs have never looked so tasty
• Calorie Rivals – Second Course – a carton of milk wearing shorts, how delightful
• Kinect Sports World Records for May – 136.46m for Javelin? Ridiculous!
• Calorie Challenge Guide – how to defeat Blazing Banana and his dastardly friends
• Mini-Scribes – the latest edition of our long-running letters feature
• April Twitbook Agitation – all the important stuff from our social media outlets

Newsletter Content
• Top 5 Literal Rare Eggs – designer Chris opts for a slightly unusual rundown

The World Wide Web
• [IGN] Kinect Sports Reaches the 3 Million Mark
• [YouTube] James DeGale Plays Kinect Sports
• [Develop] Finalists revealed for 2011 Develop Awards

April News Roundup Kinect Sports: Season Two Fact Sheet