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October '11 News Roundup October '11 News Roundup October '11 News Roundup

October '11 News Roundup


There are busy months at Rare, and then there are launch months. October 2011 was a launch month. Our plan to support the game ensures that the madness won't be slowing down just yet, but here's a rundown of the content we managed to get posted before and during the Kinect Sports: Season Two end-of-month release window.

In addition to the launch itself, we covered the Golf and Tennis demo that went live a week in advance, and a whole bouquet of other promotional activities budding and blooming worldwide throughout the month. There were also a couple of new videos, and a clutch of tidy reviews that surfaced in the post-launch period.

See the list of all October's updates while we pull up our hiking boots and stomp right on into November...

Kinect Sports: Season Two Launchfest – it's done, go get 'em tiger
Season Two Demo is Live – should you fancy a test drive

Blog Posts
Season Two Pre-Launch Publicity Potpourri – celebs, events, alliteration
Top 5 YouTube Rare Remixes – from dirty dubstep to fully orchestral
September Twitbook Sensationalism – blimey, better write October's

Kinect Sports: Season Two Launch Trailer
Kinect Sports: Season Two Depth Trailer

The World Wide Web
• [BAFTA] Kinect Sports in Kids' Vote 2011
• [OXM UK] Kinect Sports: Season Two review
• [Kinectaku] Kinect Sports: Season Two review
• [Giant Bomb] Quick Look: Kinect Sports: Season Two
• [CVG] XBOX CHART: Kinect Sports: Season 2 debuts at No.6

Kinect Sports: Season Two Launchfest Kinect Sports: Season Two Challenge Pack #1