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PD's Agent 4 is Active PD's Agent 4 is Active

PD's Agent 4 is Active


Remember back in March this year we released Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade? Yes? In that case, it probably hasn't escaped your attention that there's another big first-party Xbox 360 game out very soon which also features Agents thundering around the place discharging a mighty arsenal of weapons. We bring this up now because there's a certain connection in place between Crackdown 2 and Perfect Dark that you may not know about.

In a nutshell: buried within Perfect Dark XBLA is a playable character known as Agent 4. If you own PD, and you're planning to pick up Crackdown 2, this feisty black-suited gun nut will soon be under your command. When Perfect Dark detects a Crackdown 2 save file on your device, it'll automatically make Agent 4 available for use in the Perfect Dark Combat Simulator (aka the multiplayer modes). No further cost involved. Not a bad deal! And it's nothing to do with Stop 'n' Swop so don't call it that.

Crackdown 2 is released in the US on July 6th, Asia Pacific/Australia/NZ on the 8th and Europe on the 9th (although the demo's out now if you fancy a taste). Suit up and share the run 'n' gun love with our Perfect Dark crossover combatant.

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